TIME OUT! Management & Organization Consultancy

In fast-moving organizations you seldom have the time to reflect on your thoughts, feelings, and actions – you just act and deliver – and miss the force of noticing.

Time for reflection, sensing, listening is essential for and understanding and developing yourself and your business in the right direction at the right pace. 

Don’t expect a quick-fix recommend and convince consultant! To provide value to you and your business, we engage in a trustful relation where I patiently facilitate efficient and sustainable learning and development processes.

Vested in solid research on cognitive psychology, strategic thinking, cultural transformation and new technology, we will use validated hands-on frameworks to bring you and your organization new, useful insights, expertise, and value across the organization and stakeholder networks.

I also facilitate workshops, give lectures, talks, or conduct research projects  to help managers build meta-cognitive skills and dynamic capabilities for organizational innovation and change. We work visually and experimentally from thoughts, ideas, associations, logics, and emotions to grab a change process by its roots.

We apply different techniques, such as:

Strategic rethinking – an approach, which enables you to escape from existing (and obsolete) thought patterns and routines.

Reframing –  to develop alternatives, more creative solutions, and solve problems, or conflicts from whole new perspectives.

Mental agility – to train your ability to switch perspectives as part of your daily management practices.