Month: September 2013

Why should we bother to think about thinking?

We cannot solve out problems

With the same thinking we used

When we created them.

Albert Einstein.


Deliberately or by accident, you are now facing a universe of thoughts and ideas sustained by research in management cognition in the digital age. You are most welcome. Please share my professional interest and curiosity and dig into the contents of this website. If you have some relevant questions and input to share with me, this is the place to think aloud.

The figure here is to give you an overview of the central areas this website deals with:

Research areas: Rethinking business, Management, Social Media, Cognition, Human Mentality

You might wonder why the circle is not closed? The gab depicts not only my uncontrollable appetite on new perspectives, but expresses a personal statement that critical research should never be a closed circuit. Keeping open perspectives spurs new thinking and make research much more fun.


Why should we bother to think about thinking?

The answer is simple:

Your thoughts become your words

Your words become your attitude

Your attitude becomes your actions

Your actions become your habits

Your habits become your character

Your character becomes your destiny!


Seen in a larger scale perspective the same causality is evident for the human kind and planet earth. By accepting this simple answer, we are forced to look upon ourselves and understand that the thoughts of a single mind carry the responsibility for the world we hand on to our children.

That is why I bother! As the mother of four wonderful children and the daughter of two parents whose thoughts became their destiny, it is my responsibility to put this item on the agenda in my professional and private life: let’s call it ‘prifessional’agenda cause there is no distinction to hide behind as my thoughts or mission is consistent.