Month: November 2016

Disrupt Your Mindset to Transform Your Business with Big Data


Our book is in now available and my co-authors and I are thrilled to present the missing link of Succesful Big Data Management. Here is an appetizer from our book homepage:

Everyone talks about how Big Data disrupts industries and organizations but they forget to ask the central question:

How can managers work with their cognitive frameworks to improve the organizational preconditions for creating value with Big Data technologies?

Your mental mindset as a manager sets/influences the agenda for your organization and how it interacts with the marketplace. Especially when markets changes radically, such as when disruptive business models emerge and/or new customer insights becomes available by using big data it is mandatory to identify your mental model.

Are you ready to “Disrupt your mindset to transform your business with BIG DATA”?

The main driver of successful value creation with big data starts with the mindset of the manager: The manager’s ability to divert its existing frames of understanding the business-customer interaction and incorporate the insights into the company’s strategic choices is the best starting point to invent at customer strategy.

In this test, you identify your mental model within one/more of four categories related to the mental model mindset theory. Basically, you are provided with a quick insight into your cognitive style, which impacts how you potentially perceive Big Data and implement them into your organization.

Based on our research a person’s Big Data mindset can be divided into four categories as illustrated in this figure:



At the end of the test you will get your score and some comments related to your mindset and see if your big data mindset is aligned with the strategy of your organization?

Test your Big Data Mindset here

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At the end, let me proudly present my co-authors:

Torsten Ringberg, Professor, PhD,
Department of Marketing, Copenhagen Business School

Torsten Ringberg is Professor of Marketing at Copenhagen Business School and has published in top tier international business journals (FT45), such as Journal of Consumer Psychology, Journal of Marketing, Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Management Studies, Research in the Sociology of Organizations.

He reviews for a number of journals, including Journal of Consumer Research and Journal of Management Studies, Organization Studies and others. He also presents at and reviews for e.g. the Association of Consumer Research and the American Marketing Association. He has won two Best in Practice Awards from the American Marketing Association/Milwaukee.


Per Østergaard Jacobsen, External Lecturer and Project Leader, Department of Operation Management, Copenhagen Business School

For the past thirty years, Per has worked in a variety of international and national companies. During his carrier in several executive positions and advisory roles, he saw many challenges and opportunities regarding customer relations and data and know “where to rub”.

The stage was set in 1999 with “The CRM Handbook – From group to multi-individual”, published in six languages and sold in +50.000 copies worldwide. After the first release, he has published numerous books, studies, papers and articles. Common to these is that they more or less deals with the challenges regarding finding, winning, maintaining, developing and recreating profitable customers through targeted communication, segmentation and performance management based on customer insights and knowledge. (BIG DATA)

Per is lecturing at Master level (CBS) and supervisor for Master Thesis. He is cofounder and project manager for “Rio to Roskilde” a research project about developing new sustainable business models based on BIG DATA. He is also a part of “Social Data Analytics” project funded by The Danish Industry Foundation. In addition, he has been working with CRM and Loyalty research project at CBS.