Consulting and management training

Rent a researcher

Management consulting should be vested in solid research on strategy, marketing, organizational transformation, and technology. The consulting services offered are based on validated hands-on frameworks to bring the client new, useful insights, expertise, and value across organizations and stakeholder networks.

I facilitate workshops, give lectures, talks, or conduct research projects  to help managers build meta-cognitive skills and dynamic capabilities for organizational innovation and change. We work visually and experimentally from thoughts, ideas, associations, logics, and emotions to grab a change process by its roots. We apply different techniques, such as:

Strategic rethinking – an approach, which enables you to escape from existing (and obsolete) thought patterns and routines.

Reframing –  to develop alternatives, more creative solutions, and solve problems, or conflicts from whole new perspectives.

Mental agility – to train your ability to switch perspectives as part of your daily management practices.