Professional Development in Atlanta #AOM2017

Transform you business with Big Data – but mind the mental gap

The Academy of Management Annual Meeting will take place on August 4-8. This is the time where around 10,000 management academics and professionals meet to share their insights and knowledge. Luckily, I will attend this year too with one of my co-authors, Per Østergaard Jacobsen from Copenhagen Business School. It is the time to meet with colleagues from the rest of the world.

On Saturday, August 5th, 12:15-2:15 p.m. in Hyatt Regency, Hanover Hall f, Atlanta, US,

MOCs teaching in the Rough will offer roundtable sessions and interactive dialogs around the theme of management, organization, and cognition. Personally, I prefer these interactive sessions to ordinary paper sessions, where you just present with no time fo proper feedback or dialog.

For more info about the session click here

This year, I hope to attract curious minds and discuss with peers how we can use digital technologies in management training to trigger disruptive learning and business transformation with digital technologies and Big Data. The PDW is based on the research and hundreds of tests we have conducted with managers to write our book: Disrupt your mindset to transform your business with Big Data.

At the workshop I explain why a cognitive perspective is relevant and give empirical examples of how different mindsets influence big data strategy. Participants will then see how our online test can spur managerial mindset disruption, which can be a precondition for creating value with Big Data. We end with a dialog of how to use cognitive online testing for coaching and facilitating management learning in the digital age.

I hope to see you in Atlanta. It will be a great opportunity to boost your managerial practice and organization and expand you vision and professional network.



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