Research & Selected Publications

Research Interests

Cognitive Psychology, Strategy, Management, Marketing, Organization, New technology (e.g., social media, big data), Social Media and Consumer Affect, Culture, Communication, (Virtual) Learning, Innovation, Qualitative Methods, Philosophy of Science.

My research investigates the influence of managerial cognition on strategic sensemaking and decision-making involving new technologies. The focus is on senior managers and middle managers within business-to-consumer business to understand how technologies are applied for interactions with the consumers and other stakeholders. My work explains why and how cognition influences the managerial and strategic challenges of conceptualizing, understanding, and implementing new, groundbreaking technology. This contribution can guide the attention of researchers and managers towards more introspect studies in order to thoroughly comprehend and skillfully manage people and technologies for business.

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Journal Publications

How Managers Perceive Real-Time Management: Thinking Fast & Flow, Rydén, P., El Sawy, O., 2019 California Management Review, 61(3).

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The Technology-Mindset Interactions Leading to Incremental, Radical or Revolutionary Innovations, Ringberg, T., Reihlen, M., Rydén, P. 2018, Industrial Marketing Management, June.

How Managers’ Shared Mental models of Business-Customer Interaction Influence Managers’ Sensemaking of Social Media, Rydén, P. Ringberg, T. and Wilke, R. 2015. Journal of Interactive Marketing, 31, 1-16.

Why Marketers Make the Same Mistakes as They Oppose A Socio-Cognitive Analysis of Knowledge Transfer on LinkedIn, Rydén, P. Journal of Interactive Marketing, (revise & resubmit).


Disrupt Your Mindset to Transform Your Business with Big Data: A Guide to Strategic Thinking, Rydén, P., Ringberg, T., Østergaard Jacobsen, P. 2017, Efficiens. 264 pp.

Disrupt dit Mindset og få Succes med Big Data, Rydén, P., Ringberg, T., Østergaard Jacobsen, P., 2017, Djøf Forlag. 254 pp. 

Strategic Cognition of Social Media in Business-Customer Interaction, Rydén, P. 2015, PhD. Series, 36, CBS Dep. of Marketing, Frederiksberg, 221 pp.

Book chapters

Real time management in the digital economy, Rydén, P. & El Sawy, O.. 2019  (Ed. T.K. Das), Time Issues in Strategy and Organization, Research in Strategy Science, Information Age Publishing, Winter.

Markedsføringsstrategi. 2018 Rydén, P. & Ringberg, T. Grundbog i Markedsføring, Samfundslitteratur (forthcoming)

I Dybden med innovation, Rydén, P. 2015 in ”Når Ledelse Sker”. Ed. Erik Staunstrup, Nyt Perspektiv.

Organisationskultur, Rydén, P. 2014 in ”Ledelse og Organisation”. Eds. Elting, M. and Hammer, S. Samfundslitteratur.

Undervisningspraksis på Diplomuddannelsen i Ledelse Rydén, P. 2010, 150 p.

Conference/Working papers

An Analysis of the Virtual and Socio-Cognitive Barriers to Professional Knowledge Transfer on Social Media. Rydén, P., Wilke, R. Kock, F. Josiassen, A. European Journal of Information Systems (under review)

Threat or Treat for Tourism Companies? Social Media Storms as Negative Consumer Empowerment, Rydén, P., Kottika, E., Skare, V., Hossain, M. Morrison, A.. International Journal of  Tourism Research (under review)

Transform your Business with Big Data But Mind The Mental Gap, Rydén, Ringberg, T. & Jacobsen, P. Ø. (Submit to California management Review Dec. 2018, Special Issue)

Consumer Empowerment Empowering the Brand: Challenges and Opportunities Skare, V., Rydén, P., Hossain, M., Wilcox, K., Kottika, E., Conference paper, ICCMI 2016, Greece (accepted).

“DON’T BLAME IT ON THE CUSTOMERS!”An Investigation of the Strategy Implications of Companies’ Responses to Shitstorms, Rydén, P., Kottika, E. University of Greenwich, Skare, V. University of Zagreb, Hossain, M. I. University of Dhaka EMAC 2016 Oslo – Marketing Strategy Track.

Calming the Waters or Riding the Waves? Understanding Why and How Companies Can Leverage Negative Customer Sentiment to Empower the Business and Customer, Rydén, P. Skare, V., Kottika, E., Hossain, M. Conference Paper EMAC 2015, Leuven.

Strategic Cognition of Social Media: Recognition of a new Research Field. Rydén, P. The Academy of Management MOC conference 2015, Roskilde University.

How Managers can Create Value from Strategic Framing of Social Media, 2015, Rydén, P. Ringberg, T. and Wilke, R. Conference proceedings, Academy of Business & Retail Management (ABRM), Paris, France.

How Managers Sense and Seize “Hyped” Technologies: A Case of Online Consumer Reviews, Co-author: Kristen Schiele, California Polytech, Pomora, Accepted at the 2015 Direct/Interactive Marketing Research Summit. 

An Investigation of How Managers’ Mental Models of Business-Customer Interaction Influence the Implementation and Use of Social Media, Rydén, P., Ringberg, T., Wilke, R. 2014. Conference Proceedings EMAC 2014. European Marketing Academy 43rd Annual Conference: Paradigm Shifts & Interactions. red. / Enrique Bigné. Brussels : EMAC, 2014. s. 229

Elastiketik (2009) Rydén, P. Working paper, Technical University of Denmark.


Social Media Strategy – A matter of fact or affect? Rydén, P. 19 March 2015 Blog

Can Social Media Expand our Thinking? Rydén P. 19 May 2014 Blog.

Hvad f er meningen?: Danske lederes opfattelse af sociale medier i detail- og servicebranchen Rydén, P., Ringberg, T. & Wilke, R. 2013 København: Service Platform. 48 p.

Research Report.

A Qualitative Perspective on Social Media Thinking Among Managers Rydén, P. 10 Nov 2013 Blog.

Checking the Social Media Pulse of World Retailers Rydén, P. 13 Oct 2013 Blog.