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Why decisions can never be data-driven

Today, I posted this article on our business home page: https://yourbigdatamindset.com

Not only politicians, but also managers tend to ignore facts that don’t support their viewpoints.

A newly released research project reveals that politicians ignore facts that don’t support their viewpoints, but speak against their viewpoints and political beliefs. The results come from a survey conducted by Aarhus University, Denmark based on a sample of nearly 1000 politicians. The more facts that are presented to the politicians, the more strongly they tend to defend their stance. The results were created from experiments and undermine the general assumption that facts are convincing – more facts are even more convincing.

Our research shows that this is not only a problem among politicians, but all decisions-makers are in that risk zone of rejecting facts by interpreting facts incorrectly. In a Big Data era, it is unfortunate to experience that the human (cognitive) factor overrules the technical progress. Knowing becomes a question of believing, which sidetracks science in human decision-making and reasoning. Mindsets (Emotions and attitudes) are therefore very important factors to consider when managing with Big Data. It undermines the concept of data-driven decision-making, which urges us to ask how can we then use Big Data in a valuable factor in modern management – post-rationalization?

There are plenty of examples showing that managers recruit and hire people based on their immediate impression of the candidate and gut feeling. All the testing that follows is only used to build a solid argumentation for what feels right to to manager.

Yet another reason to take the human factor into consideration in Big Data management is that decisions can never be data-driven. They are mindset-driven!

See why here from a talk at the university of Zagreb